Work Out Fine (by Noriko Sakai, 1998)

Woman approaching age of 30 is milestone of the woman’s career. Their lives are combination of work and life, taking family and personal standard of living. Many generation of 1980 or later born womans share same conditions of life in milestone, which is metaphor of variety of themes in an artwork such as music.

In the holiday morning the woman wakes up and brews coffee. At the window, she listens up FM radio and at the bus station she recalls morning talk. The gentle style of melody and lyrics, it is indicating this album is masterpiece. (おはようの風景) When listeners listen this music, their mind soon after empathic mood to the second track of this album Ohayou no fuukei as an illustration of the career womans’s storytelling is in this album.

The other tracks 9月の海, この街で, 横顔, 幸せに出会う方法, ミルクティー, 涙色, and many other tracks have played mood about the sentiment of woman approaching to age of 30s, which is also told introductory interview about this album.

The concept of this album is meaningful when fans and artist are aging together, recalling back to the past alltogether smiled and entertained. There were bitter and sweet in life (涙色) but morning is again coming up (おはようの風景) and tears of memory (ミルクティー) it is healing and easy listening musics for woman working out fine.

It is often said 1970s and 1980s idols are spotlighted when they have event in their life, such as marriage and turned out certain age, this album is what Noriko is proven as experienced entertainer, in terms of supporting similarly age womans not only children’s worldview. Her songs are having support feelings not only men, but womans too.

I think this album is must to listen up. The entire albums were composed by famous composers and lyricists, this means how large scale she is at the Japanese entertainment cultures.

She is actively working at entertainment industry, as singer, actress, model, narrator, and mother, wife, many fans celebrate her experiences. This album is listened up in this meaning too and I recommend this to many others even not a fan.